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Galactic Asteroid Fighter

Available now for the Leap Motion Controller


After having such a great response to our Asteroids XP-2 Kindle game this year we decided that it would be really cool if we made a game for the Leap Motion Controller. Well we did and it's called Galactic Asteroid Fighter. Since PCs and Macs can have more graphics power we upped the resolution and added some very cool explosions and a UFO with a mind of its own.

All of the code was written for a complete Leap Motion Controller Experiance. Though we did assign some functionality to the key board, the game play is totally controlled by the Leap Motion device.

Presently we are in the tuning process as we want the game to be challenging but not so hard that you can't play all 25 levels and enjoy the environments while doing so. We also will not be requiring additional purchases to have a complete game.

Our philosophy is to give the player the game they paid for and not to nickel dime them for any additional content. We simply build the game and if the community likes it they buy it, simple model. You pay one time and all of the updates are free as well.


In order to immerse the player more in the game, we have spent a lot of effort on the game environments. We also added a Grid that can be turned off and on allowing for greater depth perception when playing. The game will ship with six environments (Galaxies if you will) and more will be added as updates are released.

Hi-Def Game Environments

In order to have a playable game the player needs to have fast acting controlls . We have tuned the Leap Motion Controller just for that purpose. We re-wrote all of the game control logic with one thing in mind, simplicity and fast reaction times. You will be able to see this in our upcoming video showing the game being played.

Fast acting Controls


Next Version

  • Adding Global Game Board

    The Global Game Board will allow you and your friends play for the top 10 positions and track the progress as games are being played.

  • Adding Save Game

    In the next version you will be able to auto save your progress and continue from where out left off.

  • Adding Dual Cannons

    Dual Cannons will be a trip for the player. You will be able to place them on the sides of the craft or the bottom completely played adjustable placement.

Future Site

  • team
    Test Labs

    We will be placing some of our test labs on line for you to play with using the Unity Browser Plug-In. You will be able to fly stuff, blow stuff up and in general have an insight as to what is coming down the road. This will start the second week of January 2014.

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    All of the projects we do have video logs. Some of these videos will be shared on the site so you can see some of the work flow we do as well as get a first hand look at some of the neat technology we will be using to develop our products with.

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    Release Dates

    This is where you will find all of our release dates for game updates and dates for new productions as well.

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    Playable Game Levels

    Presently we are working on two new games and single levels will be available for you to play within the next two months. Basically as soon as we have the time to convert them for the web and meet our other dates. But none the less they will be published here. Again they will use the Unity Browser Plug-In.